Thursday, April 06, 2006

Being back to normal this week actually has felt ok...
Check out Jen's Blog for some more Vegas Pics.

Cycling Update:
I took Friday noon (in Vegas) until Tuesday noon off; well, not entirely, but at least no really hard days. I was planning on doing that until Wed, but the weather was sketch for Thursday and Friday, and I am a wuss after 2 nice vacations away from MN weather. Now, they are saying only 50% chance of rain today and nice tomorrow. Oh well, either way, I did 2 days of interval training Tues and Wed with hockey thrown in on Wed morning. On Tuesday, I did max effort intervals which almost forced me to quit because they hurt so bad. I found one of my own "secret" training hills in Shakopee; I heard that the Penn guys have a hill they like around here so I couldn't resist=) On Wednesday I put the knobbies on the 9r9r and pulled a group of road bikers the entire way south into a 15mph head wind. I was suffering, but so were the people drafting, so we all got a good workout. After the ride, my legs were making it clear that 3 straight days of hard riding would not be permissible.
This weekend I am headed to Roch to watch a 1/2 marathon race that Jen is doing and to ride with my friend/sponsor, Matt. We will probably end up doing the Byron race course once or twice....I heard rumors of an uphill start...could it be true?
I have had a lot of fun this season. It is going to be ending for me next week because I don't want to risk excess fatigue or injury during the racing season. It is really hard to bike after you get a slap shot to the thigh (trust me, I have tried).
I want to mention a couple of other sad things. One is that Franz, one of my great friends, lost his grandma this week. I was at her visitation last night...two months ago his grandpa died suddenly...three months ago my grandma died suddenly. It is a tough for people our age as it is a time when we are loosing family members. If you have older relatives left, SPEND TIME WITH THEM! You never know how much time they have left. The other thing is the I see Saul Raisin, a great American road prospect, is in a coma. He is in critical condition. I don't know him, but it still is scary. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

On a happier closing note:
The Frozen Four starts tonight! If you are looking for me, you will find me parked on my couch (likely with a beer in hand) yelling at the TV. Go Badgers!

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