Friday, March 31, 2006

Time to head home....
After a great long week has flown by in Vegas, Jen and I are sitting in the airport waiting to fly home. We had a blast the last few days.
Tuesday Chris and I took it easy while the girls shopped their feet raw. We ate dinner at a place in the Bellagio which was way too expensive and not nearly big enough portions for me....isn't it kind of backwards that expensive = less food?
After Dinner we found this nice Colnago specimen sitting in a gift shop (some mens shop with really expensive and mostly worthless crap like $15K pens)...some customer had dropped it and cracked the one piece carbon stem/handlebar...ouch. I told the salesman that I would take it off his hands for $3k...he laughed.
Wednesday, we rented a car and went to the Hoover Dam. Damn, that is one impressive Dam.

Thursday, Chris, Jen (Chris's Jen), and I headed back to Bootleg Canyon. I went off on my own and did some good hammering. We ended a multi hour adventure with a pretty scraped up and bruised girl, one flat tire and 3 pairs of tired legs. For the first time ever, Stan's gu failed to fix my had already fixed 3 this trip=) It was my fault though, because there wasn't enough gu left. I finished the ride with a tube and bought a scoop and a half of gu for $6 at a local bike shop...what a rip! That night, I took my sweety out to the Eiffel Tour Restaurant in Paris....goodfood, but I figure that I should be really full after a $150 meal. The best part of the night for me was Jen's dress=)
After dinner, the Jens, Chris and I closed it down with some Fat Tire beer at ESPN zone. I had to eat again due to a weak dinner.
This morning Chris and I got up at 8 and went for one last road ride through the Lake Mead rec area. We beat on eachother quite a bit, and both of our legs were just about exploded after fighting the wind, traffic, and hills. The picture and salt on my face tell the story....needless to say, stairs were not my friend after the ride. We really have it good in MN when it comes to road riding. BTW, Las Vegas was voted one of the least biker friendly cities in the US.
I look forward to seeing you all back on the north siiiiiideeee.
go badgers.


Eric O. said...

Did you sport the T-shirt on every ride? I think I saw your twin brother at the gym yesterday.I had to do a double take to make shure it wasn't you.He almost had the KC's too.But not quite.

Brendan said...

No t-shirts out there...I needed pockets (to hold bandages for Chris's cactus wounds), otherwise you know I would have.
This year, I will be getting a team kit and a skin suit from my sponsor, so I won't be wearing as many t-shirts...I will break them out for special occasions though=)