Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who drinks bottled water anyway?

Actually I know many people that do. There is a time an a place for it, i.e bad well water, no access to tap water, THAILAND. However, for normal every day use it is such a drain it is on the environment.
Check out this link and send it on to any hummer driving, bottled water drinking, yuppie fools that you know of out there...Here are a couple highlights, bottled water: has more bacteria (in some cases, but never less bacteria), has no fluoride, is just tap water in a bottle in most cases, is very bad for the environment...need I go on?
What??? Dasani is just tap water???

Anyway, enough with the rant. I just couldn't pass up posting this link when I came across it.

So biking...hmm, I finished 3 14-16 hour weeks in a row with some good hard riding before I left and over seas. Since Sunday, I have been doing RR stuff, well I guess the 2 hockey games were way to intense to be RR, but mostly RR stuff anyway. I am feeling pretty rested and will pick it up again this weekend. I think I am not going to lift legs too much more this year. It really takes the snap out of my legs for 24-36 hours and I will probably be better served using that energy to pedal.
Fisher and I are gonna ride hard 1 or both of the days this weekend if anyone wants to join us (Kato Crew, Oftedahls, etc). With temps above 40 this no longer seems like such a daunting task.
Only 2 more weeks after this week and I will be in the warmth again...this time VEGAS baby... the fuel should have signed up for a frequent flier program!


Eric O. said...

Where do you plan on riding? and what time.Hollywood is having a party at his shop in the afternoon that we're going to also.

Brendan said...

The weather looks kinda crappy for the weekend...if it is occasional showers,we will ride, but if it is a soaker all day, my butt will be on the trainer. It will be a wake up and decide. Fisher and I will call the Kato and Shoreview crews on Sat morning to make a decision.
Sunday I have church in the morning and am leaving for the Wild game at 4pm, so I am probably just gonna go solo that day.
Is the Hwood party by invite only? Sounds fun.

Eric O. said...

4:00-7:00 is a social gathering for anyone I think.After 7:00 you can "party-on" with H'wood downtown untill the wee hrs of sunday morning if you wanted.