Friday, March 10, 2006

My first "real hard ride" of the year was yesterday...while I didn't go no botties like some pro's out there, I did get out=) I managed a 40 mile ride at lunch on the mtbk with a 19.5 mph average. That doesn't sound like much but on an non-locked-out dual suspension mtbk with 30-35 psi in the tires, it sure fried me! I got back to work a little dazed, but after a quick shower and some food, I was ready to engineer stuff.

We are trying to organize a ride on is how it will work. We will wake up and decide in the morning tomorrow. The weather looks bad, but the radar on the day of never lies.
If you contacted me about the ride, expect a call from Fisher or myself.

Looks like another beautiful day. Hopefully I can sneak out for a quick one at lunch!

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