Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Two days of seven are down here in Vegas….
We are staying at the Paris Hotel right on the strip. We got into our room and here is how 10 pieces of luggage including 2 bike boxes looks.

Day 1 was a 2.5 hour ride (note that both Chris and I have our dual suspension mountain bikes out here) which was basically a ride out to a trail, a short stint on the trail, and the ride home (to and fro Red Rocks Canyon 20 miles west of LV). On the ride home, we hit 37mph on a flat… Chris forced me into this sprint…yes it was windy. The only other highlights of the ride were that the trail was sweet and we were going full out at 10mph into the wind at one point on the way out. We found out later that it the moving air’s max speed was 47mph.. That night we cashed it earl, as we were up before 5am to catch our flight out of MSP.
Day 2 was a great ride. No two ways about it. We had the wind at our backs on the way out (we went back to Red Rocks). Once out there, we rode awesome single track for over 2.5 hours. My favorite part of the ride, the funniest part, was when Chris started screaming. I looked back, and there was a piece of cactus stuck in his leg (he was still pulling out ¼” needles well into the night back at the hotel).

Chris’s favorite parts were the wild donkeys we saw and the challenging “black velvet” loop. Check out the views....

The way back, after more than 3.5 hours of riding, was against a 10mph wind, but I found something in my legs that kept us well above 20mph the entire way.
Once back from the ride, we decided we should upgrade rooms to a suite. For an extra $85 per day, we moved to the top floor in a 600+ square foot suite with 2 full marble bathrooms, schweet!


Eric O. said...

We hit a balmy 55 degrees today in the sunshine with light winds.The best riding weather thus far for the year.When you's a guys get back it should be in the mid to upper 50's next week and dryer.Keep hammering away down there.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic riding bike in Vegas and missing all the nightlife.


Eric O. said...

On the contrary,why do you think they got the suite upgrade.Can you say "High Rollers"?