Monday, March 13, 2006

What the heck happened to clear roads? It is a blizzard out there this morning (although I still made it to hockey by 6:15=)
I saw this weather coming and made sure to have a good weekend. Fisher and I went out on Saturday with 5 hours as our goal...actually we just had a route picked out and didn't really know how long it would take. It was the maiden voyage for the niner niner and Chris was on his road bike. The wind was fierce at about 20-25 mph and we fought it for about 2.5 hours right off the bat (from my house to Waconia). With about a mile left in the ride, I told Chris that my legs hurt, but he said his weren't too fried. I think he is coming into some good form this early on. Somehow (I think it was Chris's long pulls into the wind) we kept a good pace and ended up with an 18 mph average over 80 miles. That isn't too bad given the wind and a moutain bike.

Sunday, I took a 1.5 hour spin to clear the legs. I felt surprisingly good and could have continued, but luckily I didn't because soon after I got home, I got a call and had to make an emergency energy bar drop off for my wife who was bonking several miles away on her long training run for the week. She made it home fine after refueling a little.

The Wild game was sweet! Roli vs Manny....Manny 1, Roli 0. No Boogaard = no fights

So, on the niner niner, the thing rides great, it is really snappy out of the gates and climbs like a Merino sheep. I just need to find some tires that roll better on the road so I don't slow my ride partners down. Any suggestions?


Bart said...

Always I have liked it Minnesota, is housing very expensive there?

Eric O. said...

Me and Sam have Hutchinson acrobat slicks for the mtb.They're heavy but I doubt you'll get a flat on them.It feels like they have a steel band under the rubber.I think they have a 68 psi max,and they're cheap

Brendan said...

For training, I will probably get something like the Hutch's. However, I want something reasonably light weight for the Oxbow race. I am considering just putting on an old pair of conti twisters that I have worn down to slicks. That is what I used in the race last year. Besides, I already have an advantage over last year...I won't be racing a dual suspension mountain bike on the road=)