Friday, March 03, 2006

Do I hear a Niner Niner????
The new ride is a stock Trek 9.9 w/ the following additions: F80X fork, Crossmax Sls (I am keeping the x-lites for training/backup), Kenda Karmas, Selle Italia Saddle, and Egg Beaters.
Weight = 21.5 lbs

Chris Fisher has dibs on the Sid WC that this came with but if he doesn't want it, it will be up for sale (at QBP cost which is $555). It is sweet looking, as the OEM colors are black with red lettering. The only aftermarket one available is white.

Time to ride.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh purrrrty... You'll be rockin on that HT!

We'll have to compare total weight of our HT/FS combos.

Nick said...

Whoa! What made you go for the HT?

Brendan said...

The HT was the missing link in my dream bike really. Who needs a road bike?

Total weight of the two race steeds is 45.25 lbs (21.5+23.75). It will be a close race!
Do I hear a Scaple-Scaple in the distance?

Sarah C said...

Hey-if you think class is the bad-don't come!!! Brendan