Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How not to get bored riding inside....
Here is one of my top-secret workouts when the roads are bad and there is no daylight (last night)...
- 90 minutes on the trainer: warm up (5min), 30seconds on/off sprints (10min), 6x5 min threshold intervals w/ 1min recovery between, 2x10min at aerobic pace, 4x2min 1 leg spins; cool down
- 60 minute spin class w/ Jen: ride super uncomforatble saddle; listen to instructor talk about being in an aerobic zone; reallize, you are way past that zone...almost get calf cramps (darn kc's); watch crazy wiggly lady next to me and try not to laugh.
- Hot tub recovery

more snow tonite...just awesome.
Update: Manny 1, Roli 1...doh

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