Saturday, April 29, 2006

Well, it has been raining for over 24 hours and doesn't look like it is gonna stop...I thought that I had put the trainer away for good, but I was wrong. The good thing is that there is basically endless playoff hockey on (my wife is SUPER excited).
Anyway, I thought I should do a picture update of my bike collection.

Rig 1 the Fuel has seen the most love and has produced all my racing result starting with my first full season of racing. For you weight weenies, it is 23.75 lbs

Rig 2 the latest and greatest from Trek, it will be in full force on select courses this year...the 9.9, 21.75 lbs.

Rig 3 the enduro...otherwise known as the "cadillac" because you can stay in the saddle and pedal over just about everything around here without getting bucked, 31 lbs (makes rig 1 and 2 feel like rocket ships when I train on this hog)

Rig 4 yes, I do have a road bike...most people assume I don't, but I do. I don't ride it much (right now it is set up for my wife=), because I don't race on the road and figure I should train how I race...although I am going to try a black dog tt this year. The 17lb weight allows some fairly rapid climbing.

And the basement where it all comes together=)

Next up is the first Buck Hill race on Thursday and a BLAST race in Elk River on Sunday (I have a bachelor party Saturday night, so we will see on this one=)

Until next time...enjoy the rain.

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