Friday, July 14, 2006

Bangkok in the Twin Cities

The weather here for the past day and the next 4 or so is exactly how it is year round in Bangkok. Every time I am there I wonder how people exercise in that heat and especially the humidity...last night I got to try it.
I followed Luke off the start and felt good. I had a pretty fast first lap and only Chris hung on. The second lap, I went over a bump and almost lost a chain, so Chris took over. He pushed it really hard. At the beginning of the third lap, I lost a front tire on a dusty corner and slammed the side of my knee and calf into my bike. Both started cramping (or was it just hurting) immediately. Chris was waiting for me but I told him to go. From there I took it relatively easy. Luke caught and passed me on the last lap, as I was just crawling home. I couldn't pull up with my right leg, as whatever muscle is on the inside of my knee refused to work. Chris has won 5 of the Buck Hills in a row and will be tough to dethrone on the punchy short week is our last shot at him=)
When I got home I couldn't go up stairs without just using my left leg. Jen cooked me dinner, I iced the muscle on the inside of my knee and then I snailed up to bed. This morning I feel a little better but I can't raise my leg up very far. It is just a bruise, so I should be good for Sunday with some rest and ice....well good is a relative term considering the forecast...99 degrees with a dew point of 70! Each breath will be like taking a sip of hot water.

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