Monday, July 31, 2006

Hottest Century Ever?

That was the hottest century ride ever!
Like I could even know that....
On Saturday morning Chris, Ben, and I set from my house on our mountain bikes -w/ slicks, we aren't totally crazy- with our destination Rochester. The only problem with point to point longer rides is that if the wind is going the wrong way, you never get a break. We never got a break.
The weather forecast was not favorable with South winds at 10-15 and heat indices at 110 F. We left at 7am hoping to avoid a little heat and wind; it was a cool 80 degrees with the heat index about 90 when we started, but the wind was somewhat calm. We stopped after 40 miles in pretty good shape, but then the wind started to pick up. The next 40 miles were pretty brutal with head/cross wind out of the know when you open the oven to pull out a pizza and that puff of air hits you? That is what the wind felt like. Anyway, we got to Pine Island and took a paved trail down to Rochester. It took us almost exactly 5 hours, and Chris lost 7lbs...not a bad diet at over a pound an hour=)

How do the tour riders deal with long rides in the heat day after day? Testosterone? I sure hope not.


samo said...

I agree it was brutal.In also did a century that day,not in 5hrs. though.I think I did it in 5.5hrs. + stops. I think I lost 9lbs.It seemed like no matter how much you drank you sweat it out in about 15min.+ some.You could never keep up.I went throught 2 resivours+2 water bottles & still was not enought.The night before I froze my resivour,thanks Chris for that one,that worked wonders. Every stop I filled it with ice,which made every drink Ice cold & oh so refeshing.
I found out I can't do 24hrs..That's on the weekend of the Wars Cup.

Jen Moore said...

You guys were and are crazy! So glad you made it safely! Love you!