Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The only way to describe this weekend is "perfect." The weather, the friends, the activities, the setting, were all perfect.
We headed off to Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo WI for a weekend of camping, biking, hiking, eating, and drinking. This time of year, I always try to get together with those that I don't get to spend enough time with during the summer. 16-20 such people showed up this weekend to fill 4 campsites.
We arrived Friday around 9pm, and while it should have been dark, a full moon kept it bright enough to set up camp with any other light source. The campfire was already roaring, so after getting the tent squared away, it was down to the other site for some beer and good chit chat.
Saturday was spent riding over at Devils Head Ski Resort. We had a solid crew of 8 or so that did a lap of the xc course.
Here is my dad cresting the last hill. Not bad for a 50 year old.
After a lap with the group, we hit the downhill course a couple of times which was gnarly and sweet. The fuel ex ate up the rocks, roots, and whoops.
Saturday night my Brother-In-Law, Joe, showed up with 6 racks of Famous Dave's ribs. We cooked them on a tripod over an open fire. Those ribs were the best I have ever had! Everyone was cooking their own thing over the fire and the beer/bantering carried well on into the night.
On Sunday we went hiking around Devils Lake. With my gimpy foot, I had to wear cycling shoes (it still hurts like a banshee to walk with bare feet) but I managed to hang with the group. The views from attop the quartzite bluffs were amazing.

Jen carried "the Belly" to the top.
Jeff and Josh "riding" Elephant Rock
It was just one of those weekends that you hope never ends.


Eric O. said...

Me and Sam poached that hiking trail on the south side I think of Devils Lake during the Wors Cup.The trail thats paved single-track through the boulder fields.It was different riding.Me and Sam will be up for riding at Mammoth this weekend if its nice enough.Let us know a time.
If we do go, we need to hit a burger joint and force a burger AND fries down Sam.No substituting salad for the fries.He hasn't had one in years.

Brendan said...

Burger and fries it is...he can have lettuce on his burger if he wants=)
If fisher didn't call you, we are meeting at noon on Saturday. Hopefully it will be warmer by then.