Monday, October 16, 2006


Well, I am finally getting around to publishing a season summary.
In my fourth year of sure seems like I have been doing it longer, but I know I still have a lot to learn... I had 3 major goals for myself: 1. Finish Top 3 in MNSCS Overall Standings 2. Win 24 of Afton Team Competition 3. Top 10 at Chequamegon. I managed the first two and am pretty sure I had the legs to get the third, but I will take 2 out of 3=)

So here is a brief summary:
30 races
9 wins
MNSCS Overall Series Win
25 Podiums (top 3)

One of the most exciting things about this year was the fact that our teams, Velo Rochester and Women On Wheels, have really come together.
Mountain Team Highlights:
1 and 2 and 6 overall in the expert mens MNSCS series with 3 wins (myself and Chris Fisher and my Brother Ben)
1 in Womens MNSCS overall (yeah Jen Meyer!)
1 in both Buck Hill Series while winning 10 of 12 races (myself and Fisher)
1 in 24x9 Mile mens expert (Charly "Jo Mama" Tri)
1 in 24 of Afton Open Mens Team (Ben, Chris, myself, and Ben Portilla)
1 in Eastern Collegiate Regionals (Ben riding for half UW and half VR=)
?? Collegiate nationals - results coming this weekend


Much off the my person and the team's successes should be credited to the team Czar, Matt Hawkins, the team's Queen Bee, Deb Lee, and the rest of the support crew at Rochester Cycling and Fitness. Without them, we would have been pedalling Sledghammers and riding in old t-shirts. I am sure by this time of year they are tired of me calling and asking, "Um, Deb, could you order me some ____."

I also need to Thank my wonderful wife and my Dad for all the support. Without those two we would have been very thirsty. And my wife gets a second thanks for putting up with my racing. She never complained once about having to travel to races most weekends. I am lucky to have her=) I am excited to have a second, slightly smaller fan cheering me on next year.

Well, enough already. Don't give up on the blog though. There will be some exciting updates...and not just on cycling. I am headed to Thailand for work in a couple of weeks and I plan of doing plenty of updates from Bangkok and Korat. Expect some exciting cycling equipment updates and some new stuff I will be trying next year. I will be divulging some of my top secret off-season training techniques....not that anyone cares. Oh yeah, and in February I should have something pretty exciting to report regarding Jen's belly shrinking....I am happy to report she now weighs as much as I do!


Jo Mama said...

Not to brag, but someone (who?) also won the steeplechase comp division and 12 Hours of Gears (WI)solo. And Chris getting 14th in Cheq was dope as well.

Hey, while you are reflecting, could you put up a memorial to the death of Ben's girlfriend?

Pic of your belly?

Jo Mama said...

Oh. don't forget how your little brother has been putting the hurt on the frat boys!

bjmoore1 said...

I only listed the TOP highlights (my blog so I get to choose=)...I could have gone on and on including the others you listed, but I figured everyone would rather see some belly.
I didn't know that you won a 12 hour race, but remember kids races don't count.
I have Ben's Regionals win on there...he has won every collegiate race he has been in this year, so there were too many to list.
Ben's new girlfriend will be hotter and skinnier.

RB said...

Ben's cowboy hat must be the reason Matt is ordering some cycling caps...

Jen Moore said...

I truly am touched by your appreciation of me! Sorry I missed a few races this season...blame the belly. Trust me, I'd much rather have been watching and cheering you on than hugging the toilet!!! :) Does Matt have mini-velo roch. stuff for your future biggest fan? oj!

MBCSugar said...

Thanks for the MTB invite! I'm going to pass on the weekend, NOT because I don't appreciate it or don't want to ride (withyou), but I have a honey-do list that I need to start, plus I really just want a little time off. HOWEVER, I'm going to take you up on multiple rides next year in prep. for/during the season- nothing like learning from great riders!!!

Keep in touch! I'll do the same... Enjoy the new additions as well as your travel...

Out- MC