Sunday, December 31, 2006

Caught in the Act

Man, I could get used to this not working thing (I had the week off). Life is pretty easy when all you have to do is bike, nap, and watch the James Bond marathon.

Between naps I did have time this week to sneak into my teamate Charly's house and snap this shot of him during one of his multi-hour trainer sessions (cold weather scares him). Disturbing.

Well it is New Years Eve, we have friends over and its is time to drink beer....


Anonymous said...

I'm suprised Tri wasn't wearing his "Cracked-ass Cup" stage winners jersey in that picture;-)
Now! Get to work!

Anonymous said...

2 reasons that is not me.

1. You can tell that is outside.

2. My ass is way bigger than that.

Hey anonymous, get to work!