Sunday, December 10, 2006

Getting in the Spirit

Well, this weekend was a blessing for us bikers. To be able to ride comfortably outside at high exertion levels this time of year is a rarity. Today, I was only a 1/2 of 1/2 of a snickers away from completely bonking...sweet. I think one more log of death would have done it.

On the hockey front, we whooped up on our sister Seagate facility Friday. 8-3 was the final score...not like we were trying that hard=)

Tonite, the Christmas tree was constructed (we don't cut one down, we just make sure we bend the branches straight).

This happened down at "The Shop" in Rochester:
Can you believe that Specialized would try to pull this?
I don't want to say any more about it.

A closing thought....only in America (Arizona)

8000 Calories...


Anonymous said...

Just for the record it was the bike rep from the big "S". Which is synomonus (spelling?) with Erik's anyways.

Paul O. said...

Hey Brendan, thanks for the Christmas card. Me and Rico are both home in CO for the holidays. My parents are coming to visit the day after Christmas. Can you believe they have never really met Amy and we've been a couple since October of last year? (they met her once passing through the airport for about 10 minutes) Anyway, I kegged some homebrew and we're waiting for the onslaught of dad & Joe. I've been doing some backcountry lately. You might have heard about our huge snowstorm. Well, basically that meant that there was incredible skiing in the back-bowls of the front range. Me and Rico hit up some fresh powder this morning just outside of Rocky Mountain NP. (the catch:) We had to hike for three hours straight up to get one run. I have been to the resorts, too. They had about 20" on top of base at Winter Park on Friday. My boss says: "no PTO? OK. I'm going to have to come with you then." He's a ridiculously good bump-skier. I'm ridiculously bad at bumps. I'm already looking forward to offroad season again next year. I hope you and Ben come to visit for more epic riding! Have a happy holiday. PO

Brendan said...

Good to hear from you. I heard about the snow storm from a couple people out there. Were you able to ski out of your door? 3.5 hours of work for one ski run sounds sweet...who need a lift! That stinks that we can hook up this holiday season. No worries though, it is more important that we meet up when the trails are dry=)
Say hi to the fam for me and Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year!