Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is how we roll

Christmas this year was darn near perfect.
Friday, Seagate was closed...but we still got up to play hockey. Good thing too...the weather was crappy and I didn't feel like banking any trainer time. That night, Jen and I celebrated our Christmas together. She got some bling.
Saturday, I suited up and headed out at sunrise with Rochester the destination...it was a lonely 95 miles on knobbie tires. They just don't roll as well as road tires=) The weather was good and there was a tailwind, so I definitely can complain for Dec 23rd. Christmas Eve is the big celebration day at the Moore household, and I started the day on 2 wheels with my dad and bro. We hit some gravel/mud roads. We should have stayed on pavement. Ben appologized for getting the Niner Niner dirty. Notice my dad's new 'cross ridebike...I am jealous

After the ride I started eating and really never stopped. I ate way too many of these...I lost count at 5.

Got to hold my new niece and watch her poop every hour. It was a taste of what is to come....

Had some good beer and some even better whiskey.

On Christmas Day we cruised up to Jen's parents house.... I think our baby got more for Christmas than I did, but that is fine by me.

Now, I have the week off with no plans until the weekend...well other than to ride (and that doesn't mean 2-a-days on the trainer;-)


Anonymous said...

Duuude. 90+ miles and then another ride on Christmas Eve? You are going to be some burnt out on riding outside so much;) Are your big racing goals in Feb or what? And yes, you should be jealous of your dad's hot new ride.

Brendan said...

Sir Charles, riding outside is theraputic...well for the first couple hours anyway. I just have this bad feeling that we are going to get nailed with bad weather in Jan and Feb, and I wil be a sucker stuck inside like you!
Hey are you still selling those AC 29er rims? I want them and am willing to offer you 5 or 6 bucks for the pair.
Also, could you give Mavic a call for me and tell them I am waiting my SLRs that are almost 3 months late=)