Friday, April 06, 2007

Silver Lining

This morning I got up before dawn like every Friday morning to go play hockey...but I didn't go play hockey. I went to Mammoth! It was frozen, crunchy, and sweet kinda like chocolate chip ice cream.
I only got one lap in because Seagate pays me to be an engineer, not a biker...and retiring earlier rather than later is on my mind=)

And a cool random picture for today:


Brendan said...

A note on this post. It needs to be cloudy and <30 degrees or so for the trails to be frozen. We tried again on Sat at 10am and quickly stopped. The sunny spots were no longer smart and don't ruin the trails!

Eric O. said...

I hear ya, we went straight back to the cars after splitting off with you guys.I wont go back to the dirt untill it stays above freezing at night. The freeze-thaw keeps them in bad shape every day.