Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sweat, Dirt and Snot

You know it has been a good week when all of your bikes are covered in sweat, dirt, and snot. Yes, even the road bike.
Time for some rest...


RB said...

How do you like that new road ride?

Brendan said...

I love the new road bike. I had forgotten what it felt like to really cruise out on the open road. Most of the time, I use it for recovery rides because it takes so little effort to get 'er going.
Strenths: super stiff with no BB movement under my little engine, light weight at 16.25 lbs w/ pedals and bottle cage, very comfortable ride for how laterally stiff it is, components are top notch (I love those Ksyrium ES wheels=)
Weakness: none really, but it isn't going to have the super supple ride that a synapse or pilot does.