Sunday, May 06, 2007

Trail Benefit?

On Saturday, I headed up to Elk River for the Hillside Blast trail benefit race. This is the third time I have done this race, and I keep coming back because I love the trail. There isn't too much to say about how the race went, and I am not sure we "benefited"the trail by riding on it in the mud. I started pretty fast, had a 30 second gap on the field in the first 10 minutes of racing, and then it started raining.

The trail looked like this.

I had to make a decision to either quit or finish. Finishing meant wasting a $180 dollar pair of Stan's rotors and riding with no brakes (stan's rotors simply don't work int the wet and the special coating wears off). I hate quitting more than loosing money, so I finished...on semi-slick tires no less.
I will take the win, and the muddin' experience. I am not sure if I will replace the rotors...stainless may be the way to go.
Tegan was like "screw you guys, I am taking a nap."

Sunday, I headed to Rochester to attend my brother Brad's Eagle Scout award Ceremony. I am really proud of him. That makes 2 of us Eagle Scouts in one family=)

Ben doesn't update his blog, but he did the WORS Race on Sunday and finished 5th. Our next race together will be the Spring Cup. Velo Rochester will be out in full force at that race.


Julie E. said...

Woah, Brendan. My imagination wasn't working hard enough on this one! Congrats on the win, and on surviving :)

Julie E.

Jeff said...

Geez, it must have been muddy... I thought usually any airborne dirt just got sucked into the gravitational field of your calves and left your face clean & clear.