Friday, May 18, 2007

Not what keeps me coming back...

Last nights Buck Hill course/race was not what keeps me coming back to mountain bike races. Because of all the construction (snow making system) they had to send us the opposite way around the hill...the problem is that much of the course is sand, so when you switch directions, the climbs are all break-bump sandboxes which aren't that fun to ride on. I should have had the dual suspension for SURE!
Either way, I rode hard but within myself when Fisher went out fast. I had a few mishaps with the semi-slick tires on the sand but I recovered fine. On the second of four laps, I made the mistake of being 4th in the lead group (so about 3-5 seconds separated us all). Jeff, Sam and I got caught behind lap traffic (yes, lap traffic on our second lap=) that had let Fisher by, and he had 15 seconds immediately. We pulled him back with some hard work. The same thing happened on the 3rd lap to Sam and I except she let Sam by but not me. He had 10 seconds quickly, and I basically gave up. From there I pedalled hard between lapped riders and the I just waited patiently until they let me by. Sometimes the legs are there to do well, but it just doesn't come together...
Fisher ended up with the win and Jen won the womens, so the Velo Rochester group still finished well!


samo said...

I thought for sure Fisher was going to let up some for you to catch up when we got tangled in lap traffic.I tried to pull you back to him but the lappers were ridiculous.I think Jeff being behind him made him keep the pressue on,oh well thats racing.Rest up for the real race on Sun.
Good Job!
T-shirts rule on Thurs! because you should'nt look "pro" every race.

Brendan said...

Yeah, Jeff definitely changes the dynamic. I don't ever expect anyone to wait for lapped traffic or if one of us goes down. Like you said, that is racing. Fisher did the right thing by keeping the pressure on.
Passing shouldn't be a huge issue on Sunday.
I think t-shirts are about as pro as it gets=)