Sunday, May 20, 2007

Road Race?

All I can say about MNSCS #1 is that it felt more like a road race than a mountain bike race. I rode in the front pack of 8 riders for the entire race. Sometimes it was fast, most of the time it was like a tempo road ride. There were a few attempts by others to break away from the pack, but all were futile. I never even got the opportunity to be at the front to try to get away...I don't know that I could have anyway. With the course being single track except through the start/finish and only having about 10 feet of climbing per lap, separation and passing just didn't happen.

In the last few hundred meters, Paul, Chris and I had broken away a little...I think we were all in our biggest gears. Paul nipped Chris on the line and I took 3rd. Paul and Chris had the EXACT same time (to the tenth of a second) and I was .1 seconds back. Our bikes were all overlapping as we crossed the line...I have never experienced a finish like this in a mountain bike race. Ben finished strong in 7th place. He too rode with the lead pack the entire race.
I don't know what changed but this race had a much different dynamic than last year where Chris and I each rode home solo for second and third behind Doug.

I am neither happy nor disappointed with the result today. It is what it is, and it is not what it is not;)


Jo Mama said...

With that being such a fast "mountain" bike race, I am sure you were slowed down by the aerodynamic drag of your calves. Paul looks to have thin calves, thus much more aero.

samo said...

Great job out there done by Velo Roch.3 guys in the top 10,nice way to start out the season,can't complain about that.We were also hoping for top 10.