Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Let me start with the good news. I picked this up last Friday.

It is Cannondale System Six DA road bike. It is fast and fun, and I have had one decent day to ride it since.
Some more good news is that Tegan now gives some positive feedback when he is happy (vs. just not crying before). He can smile and will lay on his back kicking like a crazy man until he gets out of breath. Then sometimes he cries=)
Bad news: Mother nature crapped on us. 4 days straight of rain were followed by one "nice" day near 50 (average). Luckily, I had rest planned for the 4 days of rain. Now it is 15 degrees out with 30-40 mph winds. I guess I won't be getting soft any time soon.
I wonder what it feels like to ride on dirt......


Eric O. said...

Now how is Fisher going to keep up?
Tegan must be getting those fast twitch fibers boy.
I hear ya on the crappy weather.I made monday a good enough ride to justify not putting in alot of time outside untill after the coldest weather is over.Untill then, spin and weights. But I have a feeling I'll be out tomarrow on into the weekend getting tough.

MBCSugar said...

Make sure to swap out that crappy two-bold cannondale carbon stem for a four-bolt from ANYONE. the front end can get squirmy, and i'm thinking it's the stem (no one in the pro peleton is riding these bikes with the stock stem)... just an IMHO/FYI... enjoy the ride!!!

Brendan said...

Thanks for the advice Mark. That will be my first change to the bike. That is too bad though because it is a good looking stem=)

EO - man 20-30 mph NW winds and below 30 degrees until Sunday?!?! Come on! I almost had the booties put away. I struggle with intensity in this weather...not because of motivation, but because of knee pain. Apparently this is quite common when pounding nails in cold weather, as the ligaments and muscles tighten up. Oh well, more rest and Easter candy never hurt.