Sunday, March 09, 2008

Homesick...but homeward bound

I am starting to get very homesick...3 weekends have gone by without seeing my family. I am sure my little dude has grown up a lot. The good news is that I leave here ~6am Wednesday and arrive home around 11 am Wednesday...22 hours of travel, but backwards over the date line.

Either way, it has been a great trip, and assuming I ride tomorrow morning I will have ridden every day. That will be 17 days straight of riding...some hard, some not.

My bike has kept me sane when I really start missing home.
Thanks to Rochester Cycling and Fitness for the breakaway fuel idea (Matt) and for helping me out with the bike (Deb and Charly)! I won't have to leave home w/out it now.
Thanks to Jen Meyer for letting me borrow her rear shock (the one on the bike blew up after the first ride).
Thanks to my wife for letting me buy yet ANOTHER bike=)
Thanks to my son for being my motivation.

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