Sunday, March 02, 2008


Saturday, I headed out w/ the goal being to circumnavigate and entire country in 1 day. Well, it only took 3.5 hours in the end and was 65-70 miles. About 2 hours of the trek was in the driving rain, which takes its toll.
I was planning on mountain biking Sunday, but with the humidity here, things take for ever to dry out. Instead, I found the biggest hill in Singapore and climbed it multiple times. After that I proceeded out to Sentosa Island (a resort island just off the Singapore coast). I pretty much was just cruising and exploring at that point because I almost tossed my cookies from the hill sprints. Again, it started to pour. I don't think it has been sunny since I have been here.
This morning, I rode easy because I could barely turn over the cranks....I never dreamed I would be riding this much or this hard here.

What I see every cars
A better view of the skyline from my hotel
How humid? Hill sprints in 80 degree dew points....
View from highest point in Singapore
I don't know what this means
Sentosa Coast


Ben said...

Damn, looks like pimping good time over there. We just got 3 more inches of slushy snow. You are going to be in sick shape by the time you get back. I on the other hand will be eating pizza and drinkin beer.

Eric O. said...

Nobody is going to wanna ride with you when you get back. Unless we hook you up to a towrope.

Brendan said...

For what it is worth, it is supposed to be the dry season and it has rained almost every day...Ben, could you explain to me why?

Hey just cause I am riding doesn't mean I am getting any faster! As soon as I hit the 3 inches of slush again I will slow way down.

A little Beer and lots of good food is happening here too...problem is a beer costs $6-8 USD (100% alcohol tax).

ben said...

Brendan, Singapore's proximity to a warm ocean and its proximity to the equator(large amounts of incident solar radiation)produces large amounts of evaporation supplying the lower troposphere with ample moisture. This ensures an almost constant state of instability (moist warm high energy air beneath cooler dryer air) which forces frequent convective precipitation. From what I understand Singapore really doesn't have too much seasonal weather variability, and it's just always hot and humid there.

I am going to be a real live scientist one day.

Jenn said...

You guys are too funny! I'm just anxious for my husband to return home to Tegan and me!!!!!!!!

Eric O. said...

Well put Benjamin. Singapore also lies right on the inter-tropical convergence zone where the converging winds from the northern and southern hemispheres form steamy doldrums.It is pretty much under a constant low pressure zone. Because of Singapore's small size and the fact that its surrounded by water it doesn't have the ability to create land breezes to push away the ocean moisture. If you look at the typical monsoonal pattern in India- they are connected to a giant land mass with mountains on their northern borders. In the winter the cold dense air from the Andees flushes out the country and prevents any moisture from the ocean to form. In the summer the land heats up more quickly from insolation than the ocean. The warm air over land rises pulling in the moist air from the ocean and you get the monsoons.

Geography has been my best subject so far this semester. We happen to be going over atmospheric and oceanic circulation right now.

Ben, we can justify the extra calories here because we are burning more in the cold. Then there is alway the train heavy, race light motto too: )

Paul said...

Wow and I thought I was cool for riding through 4 counties in a day... But I didnt average 20mph, nor was I on a MTB, or in traffic, and no rain, as shocking as it may sound the weather was quite nice that day.

My question is, did you ride through the "park" that google maps shows on the western side of the island labeled "Live Firing Area". I bet thats where all the cool trails are!

Good to hear you are getting the miles in. I think its about time a Mt Biker win Oxbow... the question is which one? :-P

Brendan said...

One cool thing is that there is NO wind and very few hills here, so going fast isn't too hard. The average was probably closer to 18-19 anyway=)

Oh, and you are cool, but not for going through 4 counties=)

Well, I am sitting here working in my hotel room now, and some of those squid tentacles I ate swirling around in there...I think one is trying to turn the corner.

Jenn said...


Joel said...

Hey Man, cool story! Any interest in riding Saturday morning? I am going to attempt to find a route to my work (100&55) in golden valley. Probably about 50 miles round trip at an easy pace. Email me if interested
joel dot wandrey at gmail dot com.