Friday, February 29, 2008

Training and More Training

So you are probably wondering why Seagate would send me to Singapore...well, the answer is training. No, not bike training, work training. I am here deploying and training the Singapore team on a new piece of metrology that a co-worker and I developed. It started out as a skunkworks project based on some ideas he and I were kicking around, but has quickly exploded. We now have sent replicate testers to Colorado, Singapore (duh), China, and Thailand, and more are being requested every day. I can't really talk about what it is or does because it is very confidence IP. I can tell you that it is being accepted well and the training is going better than we anticipated.
If the post project reward is as expected we may be getting another carbon family member...although my basement is getting full=)
I am getting a lot of the other kind of training done too...I started to get carried away and am forcing myself to rest today, so I took a easy 1 hour spin along the SE coast this morning.

I will update with this weekends activities...gonna go exploring on 2 wheels.


Ben said...

oh yeah? well I rode around in the snow and ice for 3 hours yesterday in the freezing cold. That fancy tropical southeast Asia weather ain't got nothing on this beautiful Wisconsin winter! It's a balmy 28F here, I was thinking about going to the beach after class today:) Ha, sounds like you are having a sweet time.

Brendan said...

It is 28 here...28C.
I think I am getting soft! I told Jen today that I don't know how well I will adapt to the cold riding again. Oh well, I will just have to go to Florida a week after I get back=)