Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breaking away

Who needs a break away frame?
I thought I did until the Rochester Cycling and Fitness Czar suggested I get an travel Fuel instead. Well, it worked like a charm, and now I can bring a replica of my race bike along WITHOUT paying the absurd airline charges.
Why do I need a travel bike now? avoid over $400 in airline charges over the next month. I am headed on a business trip to Singapore for two and half weeks (leaving in a couple weeks). They wanted me to go to China and Thailand too. I opted out for now, but I am sure I will be going to one or both in the next year at some point. Following that, Jen's dad was nice enough to fly us down to the condo they rent down at Marco Island Florida. Basically, I am gone for the month of March and am hoping to return to more reasonable weather.
Oh, and a is here, the new race rig. Details to follow in late March when it is complete. Charly "Jo Mama" is still helping me gather and assemble all the secret weapons=)

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