Monday, February 04, 2008

Ice Racin'

At 11:30 am I decided to head up to the Chili Chili Ice Race that started at noon....
I totally fried my legs on Friday in a hockey game and on Saturday during a hard tempo 3.5 hour snowmobile trail ride, so I had basically ruled out any type of intensity on Sunday. I was leaving my house for an easy spin and decided my legs didn't hurt bad enough yet, so I turned around after 5 minutes, hopped in the car and headed to Bush Lake.

After the first corner when several people were out of the saddle hammering I realized why most were running homemade studded tires (sheetmetal screws strategically placed through the studs of mountain bike tires). I had factory made Nokian studded tires that were just good enough to keep me upright.
Out of the gate, I took it easy and was 50 -75 yards behind the leaders on the first straight. I caught them quickly at the bottom of the one climb (maybe the size of the pavement climb at buck hill) and had a 13 second lead by the top. I was thinking, sweet, this isn't so bad...then it started. I crashed on the sketchy downhill and hit my nuts on the handlebar. I took my time getting back on the bike for obvious reasons. After 3 more falls that lap, I decided I should take it easy. I fell probably 15 times or so during the race mostly on the ice and sketchy downhill, but by the end, I just sat in and had a little fun. Thanks to Dana for the pictures.

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Charly Tri said...

Dude, did you steal Santa's riding tights?