Monday, March 10, 2008

I like Carrots

I thought I was done blogging from Singapore, but here goes one more....I set out this morning thinking I would just do a reasonable tempo on my last day...but there were too many expensive carrots here.
You all know the feeling (Fisher, you get it on almost every ride)... you see it, you HAVE to catch it.
First I saw a group of I decided to move things up from tempo to threshold (BTW, I have NO idea what, speed, heart rate, wattage, or otherwise that corresponds to, I just know how it feels). They didn't like the pace so I was alone again.
Then I caught a group on tri bikes...and the biggest carrots of all, TTX, BMC carbon racer, litespeed among others. We played together for the rest of the ride...really nice guys and one of them was good friends w/ the guy who runs Eco Seagate (my New Zealand trip a couple years ago). Its a small world.

What I learned? They had computers, and I need a bigger ring if I want to go any faster than 49km per hour=)


Paul said...

That sounds like a cross ride with Brady, I had to get a 48 tooth on the karate monkey just for rides with him!!!

Have a safe trip home!
Plenty of carrots await :-P

Sarah Lukas said...

singapore seems amazing. and how convenient getting to do some riding and exploration of singapore..