Friday, May 09, 2008

Buck number one, race number one, not won

Well finally I had an opportunity to race last night. A hot field was present w/ Doug, Sam, Paul, Chris, Tom, and at least half of the MNSCS expert field. Up to the race, I was feeling ok, but I cracked my knee REALLY hard on a tree in warm ups when my front tire washed out. It was in the same area that my brother almost died (not really) in a wicked crash two years ago. Anyway, it was stupid and my fault that I was talking rather than paying attention.
I had to pretty much continuously pedal up to the race so the knee wouldn't freeze up (and it did after the race), so sorry to those who thought I was being ant-social. I did get a few hello's in, but I would have rather been chatting than pedaling.

The race was hard. Doug attacked on the first pavement climb. I caught him, but he was flying. The guy is straight-up super fit and winning almost all the spring road races right now.
After I let up a little, SamO eventually caught me. I was ok w/ that because Fisher warned me that he has some serious climbing legs right now. On the last lap, I took the reigns and rode pavement and the twisty stuff a little quicker getting a gap. That is how it ended. Doug up about 50 seconds on me, and Sam 30 seconds or less behind me. Paul was coming on super strong at the end but never quite got us. Fisher had a great race considering he has been sick for 2 straight weeks.

This morning I awoke to the norm: my son begging to come wrestle on the bed. I obliged. It hurts badly to walk, but that will probably only be affecting my out of the saddle pedaling...I hope. It should be a lot better by Sunday, fingers crossed, which is MNSCS #1 (on Mothers day??? come on...there are 2 weekends open after it).

Well it was great to see everyone again...I look forward to the rest of the year.

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Le Blaireau said...

Hope the knee is not too banged up. Well done on finishing all the same.