Monday, May 19, 2008

CORC and VR Training Camp

This weekend was a blast! The first annual VeloRochester training camp was held up in Cable Wisco at Charly's cabin (SamO and Paul were invited to come as celebrity guests when the VR turnout was lower than expected). The cabin is literally 1/2 mile from Telemark and the Camba Trail system starts in his back yard (he rents it out weekly for super cheap if you are interested).
Cable Off Road Classic was on the agenda for Sat morning. I didn't really feel fully recovered after Buck on Thursday night, but I figured I would give'r and see what happens. The start was not as crazy as Cheq because it had a "selection" hill...Cool! I hit the singletrack in 4th behind Doug, Paul, and Jesrin. Doug and Paul started to get a gap so I went around Jesrin. I started to pull them back, but then I went off trail in a spot where the leaves were thick and I couldn't tell which way to go. Oops! Jesrin caught me by the time I got back on the trail. We soon hit an open section. From then on it was another tough solo effort, and I knew it would be almost impossible to catch Paul and Doug if they worked together. I didn't see ANYONE for the next hour (other than trail officials) until about 4 miles left when I started to catch Doug. Paul had put the hammer down and pulled away for the win... a deserved win for sure! I never caught Doug and ended up 3rd.
My comments on the course: one of the most fun courses I have done, and definitely the best point to point I have done. The singletrack was stellar and that is what keeps me coming out to races.
After the race, we biked 3 miles back to Charly's as a cool down. We planned to ride again later in the day, but storms derailed our plans. Instead, we just cooked dinner twice and at almost everything=) We followed that with a camp fire that got a little hot.
Sunday we took an epic ride that saw us hitting the Ojibewe (SP?) loop and then some Rock Lake trails. Again, all the singletrack was awesome. We rolled home with a few last hard pulls on road back to the cabin.
Racing so far: the race season started for me 10 days ago and is already 4 races old. The starts so far have been pretty painful (more than normal) for me. I am still waiting for the extra kick in the legs...I haven't had it yet this year. I think warm (or even average) weather and a few more races will help.


Badger said...

Wicked report

samo said...

Nice job!
Have to do it again next year.