Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update from Ben in Wisco

For those that don't know, my brother Ben is living in Madison this summer before heading out to grad school in Albany, NY. Given that (and gas prices), he will be riding more WORS that MNSCS this summer.
Here is his update from this weekend:
Race at Lake Geneva went pretty well, I rode with the Lalondes for a few laps before I wussed out and got dropped. I rode the last 2 laps solely with Tristan S. I crashed really freakin hard on the 4th lap and he passed me. Due to pain and lap traffic I was unable to catch him and ended up 4th. The course was super fun. It brought back memories of old Buck Hill; it was at a ski hill with about the same length of climbs and with some fun singletrack. The singletrack was fairly twisty, flowy and technical with some short punchy climbs sort of like Buck Hill. The ST also brought back memories of Welch in some places. All in all the best WORS course I have yet to ride.

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