Sunday, October 16, 2011

More exploring

A couple co-workers and I went to the center of the city yesterday for some shopping. It was quite entertaining....
This guy was pretty happy about his faux wood fairing his bike.
I am still trying to figure this one out. The sign says "Transformers Bag Co." but it was a women's clothing store.
My wife gets so worked up when someone has a child in the front seat of a car (I certainly was up there when I was growing up). Child safety is all relative.
Just really, really, really crowded.

I have ridden every day (mostly a quicky in the AM before work) and I took my camera today. I am blown, but had a good time.
I found an ancient grave burial ground on the side of a hill. Creepy but unique. You should have seen the looks my Trek kit got this far of the beaten path.

They decide to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower that I stumbled into. Who knew that Suzhou had an Eiffel tower?!?!

Yep, that is a Bentley stretch limo. The disparity between rich and poor and the number of poor (proportionally) here far exceeds what we have in the US. I wonder what the I-am-not-working-but complaining-rather-than-looking-for-a-job-and-am-gonna-need-unemployment-help-from-tax-payers-who-ARE-working-while-I-complain (read Occupy Wall Street) people would say? ;-)


paul said...

Looks like a cool experience! IMO, I think they (Occupy Wall Street) might be saying... hey, listen to us so we dont turn out like china and other countries with huge income disparity...
BUT anyway :)
Got a pugsley (so did Wenk and Brady), so when you get back and settled we should put together a river bottoms ride on fat bikes! Been bushwhacking, and riding sand bars with em here and its a blast!

Sarah said...

I'm going to have to agree with what Paul said... "Hey, listen to us so we don't turn out like China and other countries with huge income disparity..." But anyway.

Glad you are working hard and finding time to ride and explore the city. Love the pictures... and yes, safety is relative... I caught some interesting images in Guatemala this summer too!

Brendan said...

Ha, I new the Occupy Wall Street thing would garner some opinions. I don't think these protest are all bad and the highest end corporate greed is truly disgusting. I just think they need to organize themselves around a few valid points like that rather than just complaining for weeks on end.
Fatbike = Awesome. I have to get my new one built when I get back.

BTW - saw a Rolls parked outside my hotel this morning. What a fine ride!