Saturday, October 22, 2011


Our adventure to Shanghai in pictures:
First we hopped on a bullet train...due to a recent crash they have slowed them down to 200mph. It was SO smooth.
Upon Arriving, we entered the subway... wowzas

The Shanghai TV Tower..
Lunch at Hooters in Shanghai (we wanted "American" food)... I couldn't decide between the WARP and flatbread
The Shanghai World Finance Center. The tallest building in the world if you don't consider Antennas. Also, it has the highest "Observation Deck" (read, somewhere the public can go view from)
I am scared of heights, not deathly though, but the glass floor at the 100th floor observation deck was about more than I could take. I walked across the glass panes but didn't stand on them.
The views were UNREAL.

A new bike brand coming...just like the original only better.

And of course, shopping. Need genuine Ray Bans?

This is the first time I have found fake bike jerseys and bibs. They had every sports jersey fake you could think of. I was going to buy a vintage Mike Madano North Stars Jersey, but they didn't have my size.

Lost in translation...completely lost =)

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Jenn said...

Tegan has decided that we need to hop a plane today and come surprise you - if only it was that easy... :)