Monday, April 29, 2013


I spent about 4 non-sleeping hours inside from Friday mid-afternoon until Sunday night.  It felt SOOOO good to be out and be warm.

First, the Shimano Fairy, Trek Fairy, and Enve fairy made their deliveries over the past month.  The bikes this year are outrageous (in an awesome way)!

Next, I had to get the bikes finished up...reports coming.  Tyson at Freewheel once again did some of the critical stuff like internal brake routing.  Every time my bike comes back from FW, it is perfect!

Then I set up shop outside.  I was too nice to hole up in the mancave for the final build on the dually.  That new Kuat NV rack I mentioned has a bike stand option, which works awesome!  It will come in super handy at the trail or at races.

Finally, Snow Tuesday to DIRT on Sunday.  Yes, the trails with sandy soil are mostly dry already.  I have been doing this long enough to know=)  The iron curtain won't be lifted on the mainstream trails for a couple weeks (I would guess).  Just remember this spring, or any time really, if you are making more than a tread print in the dirt on the majority of the trail, save the token muddy/wet spots, then you are doing damage.  This is the CAMBA rule (Chequamegon Area) and it is the best and easiest to follow that I have found.  Below is how my bike looked Sunday after following these rules.

Next up is a Bacon Sandwich...


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