Sunday, November 12, 2006

Something lost in translation

Every once it a while a new t-shirt comes along that can only be described as "way too awesome." This one could rival my cousin Jeff's "I've got the eaties for my wheaties" shirt. A closer look... If you look hard enough, you can find gems like this....I just stumbled on this at the w/e market this morning. Clearly something was lost in the translation...and check out that front suspension!
The lady looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for 6 of them. I couldn't refuse though at $1.50 a piece....

Next week will be super busy at work so don't expect too many updates. I am headed to the Korat factory tomorrow morning, which is about 150km north of Bangkok. Not only is there less to see and do there, but I will have my nose to the grindstone, as I am to unpack, setup, calibrate, test, train, and release a machine to production in one week...oh yeah! Should be a fun challenge.

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