Saturday, November 04, 2006

What time is it?

Well, I made it safely to Bangkok. It was a longer trip than normal....the flight from MSP leaves at 1pm to Narita, Japan. After 12.5 hours in the air we were supposed to land, but there was some issue with another plane needing "special assistance" at Narita. We were running out of fuel after holding for 15 minutes, so we swung down to another Japanese airport for some gas. By the time we got gas, returned to Narita, and got of the plane I had 5 minutes to find my connecting flight to if 14 hours of flying wasn't enough, oh yeah, Bangkok is another 6.5 hours in the air=) By the time I got the hotel here, it was 1 am...I guess for my body it felt like 1pm or so (12-13 hours off here depending on the time of year) but you kind of get in this surreal travel world where you just sleep whenever it feels right.
I awoke to a beautiful morning here in Bangkok... On the way to the hotel last night, I was assured by the limo driver that the weather would be great and it was "winter" here. Highs are only about 85-90 F=)

I got the coffee rolling because I wanted to go for a run, and coffee helps me empty the tank quickly=)
I promised Jen that I would take more pictures this trip so here is a pictorial view of the run.
Road bikes are RARE here, but I saw this guy go by riding a Fondriest...I don't know if that is a nice bike but it sure sounds expensive.

On thing you MUST know before coming here is that they LOVE their King. If you said something negative about the King in public your safety would be in jeopardy. From what I understand, he has no official power, but is the most powerful person in the country....doesn't make sense to Americans.
I like to run at this place called Lumpkin park. To get there, you take an elevated run/bike/walkway. It goes right over a very low income housing area. You can listen to the roosters and chickens as you run by!

The actual park is very scerene. I always get a kick out of the outdoor weight rooms...check out the spin bikes=)
And martial arts practice
I had to take a picture of these signs...enough said The run ended here...

Tonite is the Loi Krathong festival. I must pay homage to the water Goddess.....

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Jen Moore said...

Miss you already. :( Found your nike sunglasses... they're up in the bedroom, forgot to tell you. Weather is supposed to be beautiful here this week - upper 60's! Love you and have fun!