Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Teaser

Its here...details to follow.


Anonymous said...

That looks like just the right place for a nice shifter indentation.

Ali Tungseth said...

Hmmm....looks like you may be ready to make a deal on those wheels. I have an envelope with you name on it, burning a hole in my pocket. Get a hold of me through Fish or

Brendan said...

I just shot you an email Ali.

Anonymous: the levers clear the top tube...on all my bikes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brendan, welcome to KORAT - (Nakhon Ratchasima)...!

If you wanna get in touch with other foreigners or various nationalities - yanks included, join us here: and go to the forum


MBCSugar said...

Sorry for not getting back to you ASAP - actually, this is as ASAP as I could make it (can provide more detail over wine/beer/whatever; however, does "Work" cover it? :-P).
Anyway, I'm going to stick with the REBA on my TREK. I haven't done too much research, but I like the "similar" for on my 8500 (pop-lock and all), and figured- "Why mess with what works?" If the for breaks down on me, I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY for an even-up swap... knowing Richard also would like it helps with the decision.
Hope all went well on your trip- at least it wasn't MN!!! :-D

Eric O. said...

Mammoth this weekend?