Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Traffic...Flowing like water

I am starting to get adjusted to the time difference and actually slept until 6:30 am this morning! My days are pretty long, as we catch the Seagate van from the hotel at 7 am and get back at seems kind of wasteful given that the work day is still only 8-9 hours, but Bangkok traffic is what it is. The traffic in the US is pretty regimented with speed limits, lanes, stop signs, etc. Here, there are no stop signs (at least not that anyone follows), but there are stop lights. There are lanes here but no one really stays in them...if there is an obstruction, each lane just gets a little thinner and things flow around it (hummers simply wouldn't fit in the lanes here). There are speed limits but no one follows them and no one ever gets pulled fact, I have never seen anyone pulled over for anything. Somehow in all the chaos, there is still no road rage.

Other happenings...well given the schedule described above, I basically get back to the hotel, work out and then go grab something to eat. I am pretty much the least picky eater ever (gosh!)so finding food is easy...however, I won't touch the bugs

Power and phone....organized chaos.

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Jen Moore said...

Do we even wanna know what kind of bugs you have in that picture? YUCK!