Friday, May 29, 2009


Tegan broke into the bike racing scene last night at Buck Hill. His 1 minute 35 second race was very grueling, but in a post race interview he said that the large Air Head taffy payout made it well worth the effort.
Tegan also said that he has at least 6 more races on the schedule this year. Most will be around 100 yards long and in preparation he plans to do some hard training intervals playing choo-choos and going down slides.
Sorry no pics for the debut.

I too raced last night with a chest cold still dragging me down. After a couple race pace laps, I turned it down a bit on the last two laps but was still able to hang on for the win. I hope this darn cough is gone by Afton on Sunday. That is the last thing I need if it is indeed the full 24 hours of Afton course 4 times ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memooreial Fest

Almost my entire family was able to make it back for memorial day with the only exception being my brother-in-law Joe who was stuck managing his Famous Dave's in Janesville WI.
That amounts to 12 of us inundating my parents home in Rochester and makes for a grand ole time.
After running, screaming, biking, and gardening the weekend away, I think Tegan was left with no gas in the tank because he slept 11 hours last night=)
I too came out of the weekend somewhat damaged with a cold. I hope it subsides in time for Afton!
I did get out on a couple rides - one with each brother. My younger brother Brad and I went out for what we intended to be an hour and a half stroll. However, I wanted him to "experience" the Oxenburg climb (25% grade) so it ended up just shy of 3 hours... a little long for a guy who just got his first road bike a month ago=) Either way his bonk was awesome and catastrophic.
And who can forget Ben? Who needs a race when you have Ben? We went out and suffered together on Sunday for just about the equivalent of a xc race. My intention was NOT to hammer (cold was coming on), I promise, but when I was forced into my biggest gear going UP the first hill, I knew that an easy ride was not what Ben had in mind. For those that have ridden with us (mostly Fisher), you have experienced this display brotherly love=)

For now, I will work on getting better and keeping my lawn from dying.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Number 2

Buck hill races never get easier...going fast or not, you suffer out there. Last night the construction curve ball was a lumpy loose climb added to the start. I think I at least made contact with the pitch=)

I took the lead from the gun and set what I considered a reasonable pace up to the pavement climb where I went ahead and put the meat down. This gave me a gap, and I didn't let up much from there. I finished with Jack chasing (again) followed by Jesse who is coming on strong.

After several races now I am ready to review this year's gear, so look for that soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hard week...but a payoff

After a very hard week at work (I still have my job, but many friends were affected) and the added stress 3 races in 8 days, I was elated to finish on top this Sunday.
I have come to accept and enjoy the atypical MNSCS course that we start our series with. There are no big climbs, no, rock gardens and barely any roots, but there are wicked corners and you have to be on the gas the whole time.
My plan this year has been to race into fitness, so the race Sunday was to be my longest continuous "hard" effort of the year (previous races only ~1 hour). I just am not that motivated to go out and hammer by myself very often and with ~30 races on the schedule, I shouldn't need to.

There was no prologue loop this year (??) so the hole shot was pretty key. I went for it and got it. From there, Doug and I started to separate from the field. On one of the twisties I slipped out, and he took the lead for the rest of the first lap. Starting the second lap, he slowed down letting me know it was my turn to pull=) The challenge of the day was to see who could lay it over in the loose sandy corners the farthest without going down.
Before kicking off lap 3, I turned to him to ask him if he wanted "it" (the lead), but he didn't so I pushed it through he tight and twisty portion of the course. A gap started to open and it grew over the next 3 laps. I was able to roll home solo for the win with the legs still feeling pretty good. At the finish, Tegan was glad to see Daddy, but even more happy that I had some "juice", aka sport drink, left in my bottle=)
The pics above are all from do a great job of capturing the action!
Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 15, 2009

$1 Hill

Buck hill started last night with a bang. The turnout was ~150 and people were ready to rock the hill again!
After a pedal slip at the start I gained control and raced up the hill. With no north woods (that flowy singletrack will be greatly least by me), it is now pretty much a continuous climb from the lowest to the highest point out there.
Jack Hinkins, a new young high school stud, chased me around the first lap in impressive form. After I punched it on the second pavement climb, he dropped out of sight. From, there it was autopilot race mode.
The only problem I had was that my seat position was to high and too far back. I almost pulled a hamstring on the first climb. I did the subsequent climbs on the nose of the saddle and felt much better.
The bike rocked and so did the new wheels. I will give a proper equipment "review" after a few more races.
See you all Sunday!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here Mr Gopher...

Busy weekend:
Saturday we all headed up to Elk River with 2 bikes (one for Tegan and one for daddy) and a dump truck (race time entertainment). The race was a low key even that many of us used for an early season tune up. Off the gun I didn't go for the hole shot because there was a new "prologue" lap and I had no idea where I was going. Near the end of the prologue I did take the lead and built a sizable gap 45 second gap over the next 1/2 lap. Then my front tire started to loose air. I don't know why and never found a leak, but that is racing. Anyway, I rode the tire until i was having to crawl around corners at which point I stopped and aired it up. SamO went by me as I was hitting it with air. I remounted and was able to chase him down in about 5 minutes. We rode it out together, as there is no where to pass at Elk River and sprinted the short 100 foot straight at the finish. It was too close to call without a photo, so we called it a tie=) See picture 179 here: In the end, I felt fine...not great, not horrible. The legs will get that snap back once the warm weather returns.
Sunday, mothers day, we started with the normal Church, eat out, and get home for Tegans nap. In the afternoon, I mowed the lawn, Jen did some gardening, we washed cars, I finished building my new race bike (yes another Fuel 9.9=), and I got to have a little fun Caddyshack style. We have some ground rodents that need to relocate or face my wrath...