Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another quick one...
I am in another half hour the third of the week!
They still are keeping us running around like crazy...lots of chanting, yelling, cheering, etc.
Yesterday we did a kayak and white water raft with some class 2 and 3 rapids, so nothing too crazy. Our guide is on a pro rafting team (I didn't know they existed)...anyway his girlfriend is good friends with a helicopter bike tour owner. I was yeah, I would be interested if you guys are going up...normally $200, maybe I could get a deal. Also, he gave me the low down on some of the best single track around here.
Today we get to "learn" how to mountain bike, and it is about 50 degrees with a chance of precip. It is snowing the top of the Remarkables this morning. Oh, and I forgot my knee warmers..dooh!
In closing, I found out a few things about the Lord of the Rings for you fans out there. Mordor is the Remarkables, so I guess I was at the very peak of Mordor. The river we went down yesterday was used for all the river scenes. I was trying to look up more of the sites, but lack the time.
Until next more good pic


Julie E. said...

Brendan...enjoying your updates & pics. Will good ol' Minn. ever satisfy again?? Love...Julie & Bob

Mugest said...

Brendan you fool, there is no top of mordor. It is an area surounded by mountains like the one pictured and if there was a so called top of mordor, it would be Mount Doom and that was computor generated. And I don't know if your keeping up with the olympics, but america has moved up to second place in the medal standings. This is good!

Brendan said...

I am sorry for the mis-statement...The Remarkables are the "mountains of Mordor"...I am gonna work you when I get back.

Julie, you and Bob need to come down here and spend some time. You would both love it.