Sunday, February 26, 2006

The past couple days, I have been mountain biking the seemingly endless supply of singletrack in the area…most of it is really technical (like the farm, but with lots of rocks). I also have taken some good climbs up to an Alpine Lake called Moke Lake.
Here are some Pics.

Yesterday afternoon, we river surfed down a beautiful river (the same one we rafted earlier this week). It was sweet and challenging with up to class 4 rapids.

Right now I am on Wireless internet at Starbucks here in town…it is $10nz for 1 hour! I was like, this is free in the states! The clerk said “there is only one wireless internet provider in NZ.” Rather than state the obvious (you can convert any hard wired connection to wireless) I chose to give up=)
By the way, got the word the Niner Niner is in the house! It will be in my basement soon after I get home.

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Jen Moore said...

So excited for all you've be able to experience and the few days you have left to savor. Nonetheless, miss you a lot. See you soon, sweetie! Stay safe! :)