Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Time to ship out…..
Well, I leave for New Zealand tomorrow. Exciting times! I am just about finished packing (you can see the bike supplies in the picture). Because this won’t be a “lay on the beach” vacation – who likes those anyway – I had to make sure I have everything I will need to not be sitting on my butt for 2 weeks.

The plan while I am there will be 2 days site seeing on the bike followed by the 5 days of the Eco Seagate challenge followed by 4.5 more days of biking, river boarding, a bungy jump (maybe), and what ever else comes my way.

Look for blog entries with pics while I am there…I will find some WI FI somewhere. You will probably only see 1 entry before Eco Seagate, and not too many until after because they will keep us busy from 6am until 10-11 at night.


1 comment:

Martha said...

You're coming at a great time of year, have a ball.