Monday, February 27, 2006

Today was another great day….

The weather forecast called for rain and wind, but I wasn’t too worried because things have been so dry here. It was warm and sunny with a few random sprinkles until 3pm when it started to pour.
I set out on a ride in search of more sweet single track. I started out with some “rocky Farmish” stuff down by the lake before ascending into the Mountains. I took the same track up around Moke Lake (and Alpine lake). I then continued on what is called the Moonlight track…BEAUTIFUL…

I ran into some cows on the trail, and the bull of the group didn’t like me so I had to go off trail to get around him because he WASN’T moving. Needless to say, I got lots of cow poop on my tires. I also ran into some sheep…I chased them down the trail=)

Then things started to get more vertical and exposed…and then too exposed. Walking and carrying the bike was nerve racking. Try and find the thin little single track around the cliffs in these pictures.

When I got home I was tired so I went in search of food. My body is starting to really tire out but I am only here for another 2 days, so I am going to suck it up and make the most of it.
Here is an evening view from Queenstown.

How am I going to re-adjust to the Tundra?

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Anonymous said...

Bah your gonna come back to 40's! Amazing pictures though! Congrats on the win! Sounds like it was more like a total domination. Oh also on the Niner-Niner! No word on the Scalpel yet but it better be here before Sea Otter...
Cant wait to hear all the unblogged stories!