Friday, June 23, 2006

Another Sprint

Just a quick update on last night at Buck...Chris and I rode together for all 4 laps. The only time we were apart was when I waited up for him when he crashed and he waited for me when I did. They weren't really crashes I guess, but it was loose and tough to keep the front tire from sliding out. He outsprinted me AGAIN! If we were on the road, we would have been given the same time. For me it was a really hard race, and after Duluth on Sunday, I need some rest. Ben rolled in 3rd with a strong ride. It is always good to be on an all Velo Rochester podium=)

In other news, I got in a head on collision down at the River Bottoms trail Wednesday night. It wasn't either person's fault other than neither of us had a bell. It happened around one of the many corners that become blind as the weeds grow higher. The result of the crash for me was a tire and bruised body with a small chunk missing from the bottom of my chin. The other guy, besides falling in stinging nettles, didn' t sustain any injuries but his front wheel went Mexican on him (Taco'd for those of you who didn't catch it).


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