Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Cool but Pleasant Weekend

With no race this weekend, I decided to get some longer rides in because I have been getting plenty of short intense rides through racing and other weekday rides. So on Saturday, I set out for a graduation party. My wife drove and I hopped on the 9.9...I took the long way around the cities and ended up in Shoreview. We kicked it with good company and great food at our friends place on Turtle Lake. Sunday, Ben and Chris had suffering on the mind, so we set out on the road with our mountain bikes from my house for a nice long ride. We had to fight some morning showers, but 3 laps at Terrace Oaks and 3 laps at Lebanon Hills later, we were ready to head home. After 4-5 hours of "friendly" Velo Rochester secret training, we were ready to eat and relax...Ben and I ended up with 1500 calorie Chipotle burritos...I am sure Fisher stopped on his way home to grab his staple, a 10-taco Grande Meal at Taco Bell. After feeding time was done, the sun was shining, it was a perfect temp so Ben and I settled in for a long hard afternoon =)


samo said...

I had the same "long ride" idea this weekend.Sat.3hrs. of hills at Afton with Chris,Eric,Berry, his wife,& a couple other guys.Sun.3.5hrs at river bottoms,& a couple laps at lebanon.Man it sure beats A 4.5 rode ride.Let me know when you guys are going to go to Mammoth.See you on Thurs.

Brendan said...

We were planning on Mammoth, but it was raining and the trail takes longer to dry than Leb.
We will have to get out to Mammoth when there is a free weekend...right now that is a long ways out because we are gone for vacation and a wedding on the next 2 race free weekends.
See you at Buck

Anonymous said...

Who's the fat guy on the right? I believe that I remember that yellow blanket from school and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't lay on it anymore....Franz