Friday, June 16, 2006

Some New Trails

This week at Buck the Penn team cut some new trails that helped mitigate the loss of the North woods. Rather than screaming down the hill, we got to traverse from one side to the other and was fresh, bumpy, and sandy...challenging. Combine new stuff with the lumpy climb up the tubing hill, and I think Buck has gone from a hardtail course to a dual suspension course.
On to the action....
I put it down from the gun and was feeling pretty descent. I had been resting a lot since the weekend because my legs were fried on Monday and Tuesday. Chris and I had a good gap right away, but on a fast corner, I laid the bike over a bit to far and went down. I lost my chain, and quickly Sam 0 and Luke N were on our tail for the traverse of the hill. I never got my groove back after that. Chris and I managed to pull away again, and I followed him for 3 laps. The only really exciting thing that happened in the 3 laps was when a Sport class rider fell on Chris=) He called out a pass way early, but the guy didn't want to let us by so we went on his left in one of the many wide "sandboxes." It ended up not being a big deal, but the little snaffu did significantly reduce the gap back to Sam and Luke. When it came down to the end, it was a sprint up the hill to the finish and I was in back. Chris went hard and took it home for the win. Velo Rochester 1-2 again=)
They gave out series awards last night for the first of the 2 six-race series. I ended up with the series win with Chris in second and Sam O in third.

Sorry for the boring post with no pics...I will post them if I find some.

Next up will be Afton this weekend. Should be hot and fast.


Anonymous said...

Here are some pics from 2 weeks ago at BUCK.

Matt Muyres

Slo Rec Jo said...

as one of the rec riders you guys sometimes lap (actually a great goal, not getting lapped!) I must say you guys always are super courteous and nice about passing, I figure if you've caught me, I'm pretty far back and nothings lost by getting off the trail quick.

nice blog (found it from MORC site) and race recaps, keep it up!

Brendan said...

Thanks for the pics. Also, thanks to you and your team for the trail work out there!

I am glad to hear that being out of breath isn't mistaken for being upset. Seriously though, we do appreciate when you let us by...especially when I am being chased! Feel free to hold up anyone you want behind me=)
Keep up the good work and before you know it you won't ever see us.