Friday, June 09, 2006

Buck Hill #6 No More North Woods

Last night was the start of a new era for the Buck Hill Thursday night races. The "North woods" were purchased by a developer and all the singletrack in there is now off limits=( Either way, the Penn Cycle crew found a way to make a good race course. The course was fairly short with a lot of climbing and we did 5 laps.

Both Fisher and I had a bad start, as we got caught in some loose gravel. I stayed on the gas though and ended up following him up the hill with Ben, Sam, and Luke right behind. By the second lap we had a fairly good gap on the chase group (Ben, Sam, Luke). Laps only were taking about 12 minutes, so we started lapping people on the second time around....definitely a test of handling/passing skills!

Fisher was attacking at the pavement climb each lap because he new that if he didn't, I would=) On the third lap, he actaully heard me move over for the attack (I found this out after) which prompted him to stand up and go full throttle...funny. On the forth lap, I lead him up the hill and attacked, but he was right there...until he crashed in the singletrack. From there I gapped him and rode it home. Sam put the hurt on Ben in the last lap to take third.

A clothing note: I did represent Velo Rochester with the new bibs, but I couldn't deviate from wearing a just wouldn't be right.

Race results at

No race this weekend, but you won't find me laying around on the couch=)

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