Monday, June 26, 2006

Just One of those Days

Sunday was just one of those days when I woke up tired with dead legs and unmotivated to race. Ever since Afton, I have just been feeling exhausted....I know that race took its toll on me, and I should have taken it a little easier this week (although I was taking it easy when I got in that wicked crash=).
Anyway, Mont Du Lac is a fun course and the weather was great so I went. The start was really hard up the steep hill and it was reaffirmed to me that my legs weren't there. I followed Chris for a while and then he crashed leaving me in front, I was going so slow that I had to let Jay Richards, Luke Nelson and Chris Peariso by. I caught Chris P. soon after and followed Luke and Jay at a 10-30 second distance for the rest of the race. About mid race, Chris Fisher bridged up to me and then the 10 seconds to Luke and Jay. Going into the last lap, the group of 3 was still only 20 seconds up and I could see them on the climb...even that wasn't enough motivation for my darn legs to get going! Either way, I rolled it down the hill for 4th about only 1 minute back...what would have been if I would have even been feeling moderate or decent, who knows? Oh well, I was glad to see my teammate, Chris, out-sprinted Luke and Jay for the win. He is in a super peak right now. Hopefully he can keep it rolling!

I am headed out to Colorado on Friday for a family vacation and will try to do some updates from there...I am sure Ben and I will sneak a few rides in=) I hear Mt Evans calling...



samo said...

I think everybody we ran into this week said they are heading out west so we thought we would to.The weather looks good & so do road conditions.Our plan is to leave on Fri.also,hopefully make it to Souix Falls,for the night,then go to the black hills,stay there till the 4th,then go to Buffalo, set up hdqtrs.& from there ride some epic trails & road in some "real" mtns.I think i'll make it to this thurs. buck race,if we get packed.So if we don't see you before you go have a safe & enjoyable vac.oh..& look out for a white chevy with a white trailer catching a draft on your rear or you could be drafting us.
What time are you leaving?

Brendan said...

Sam, we had the same idea as you... leave on Friday and head west until we are tired. We are thinking of stopping in Lincoln. I am excited to ride on some real mountains too.

I will take a draft whenever I can find one.

Have a great trip!

Eric O. said...

Last year I drafted a semi halfway across south dakota.There was a sustained 40mph wind comming across the prairie.Blew the canvas on the trailer to shreds.