Saturday, June 30, 2007

2 Fast Ones and 2 Trips to Chipotle

The starting line at Buck on Thursdays is usually when I start thinking about lunch the next day. Every Friday a group of us from work hit either the Chinese Buffet or Chipotle. This week I had a hankering for a burrito the size of a six pack.
Oh, and the race....the guys at penn made a super sweet course that was longer than normal so we only did 3 laps. The finishing times were comparable due to the added climbs. Fisher, Sam, Paul and I were off the front quickly with Eric Thompson dangling of the back. After 2 hard laps, Sam had a flat and Paul had fallen off a little. I led Chris into the 3rd lap, and he sprinted around me up the pavement climb because he didn't want me to go on the attack in the singletrack. Coming out of the singletrack we sprinted. Going up the bonus south climb we sprinted. Up the finishing straight we sprinted. It was sweet and painful to do 3 sprints in the last 5 minutes.... Chris took the final sprint for the win. VeloRoch, 1-2... Jen pulled of another win as well.

Today, I headed over to Lebanon Hills for the annual TT. I can't make the WORS race in Eau Claire tomorrow, but I wanted to get a little intensity in this weekend. I can't make the race tomorrow because we are headed out tomorrow for a family vacation at Lake Okaboji in Iowa...pool time and R&R here I come! I am sure Ben will make me suffer a little while we are there.
The TT went well, and I felt like I was going fast. I did 2 laps (Intermediate - Expert - Out for those who know the course) in 46 minutes, which was enough for the win.
When I got home, it didn't take much coaxing to get Jen and Tegan over to Chipotle for a second burrito in as many days and races. "Hello, my name is Brendan and I have a burrito eating problem"

BTW, my pick for the WORS race tomorrow is Fisher. He is going really good right now, and with a course that suits him, his power will be dangerous.



Jesse said...

Check out the Taco House for a burrito in Okoboji and make sure to check out the University of Okoboji. The campus is pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

It will be a stacked feild tomarrow.TJ Woodruff, and Brady Larson will be there along with all the other regulars from MN and WI. Sam thinks Doug and Dan might show too. What I do know is it will be interesting. I love a boarder battle.

Anonymous said...

Great win at the TT! The course sure was fast.