Friday, June 15, 2007

5 Bucks

Last night was Buck Hill number 5. The usual suspects were there and Luke put together one of the best courses yet...he used more of the North woods singletrack=)
From the start, Fisher and I got away because Sam dropped his chain. We rode conservatively for 2 laps, but I was still breathing hard on the climbs. Fisher is really strong now, we just need to keep him from cramping!
At the end of the second lap, he slipped out and I took the lead but didn't attack. I let him come back; it was too hot to attack so early anyway=) We were holding a very consistent gap to Sam and going up the last pavement climb, I was surprised to see that Fisher hadn't attacked. I got in the singletrack at the top and rode it the only way the fuel knows I got a gap on Chris (he told me afterwards that he dabbed a little) and then gave'er on the ski hill traverses. I was able to cruise up the last little climb with a 20 second lead for the win. Fisher had let up, but Sam never caught him.
Last week Chris and I were tied 149 to 149 for the first Buck Series lead. I now have the lead by 1 point, and he is already talking about next weeks "photo finish." He wants a sprint and I don't =)

In other news, Tegan is eating solid food now. His poop really smells bad.

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